Facebook Davos

Environmental branding for Facebook. Creating a visual feel and experience for the pop-up building designed for the event.

Company: Jack Morton

Claudi & Fin

Welcome to home of the healthier lollies with no added nasties! Packed with creamy Greek style yoghurt and lots of lovely fruit, Claudi & Fin are naturally low in calories and sugar.

Company: Claudi & Fin

Bombay Sapphire – World’s Most Imaginative Bartender

Bombay Sapphire hosts a competition once a year to find the ‘World’s Most Imaginative Bartender’. Contestants from all over the UK applies and 8 gets picked. One winner from the UK wins the competition where they get taken to the global final.

Company: Hue&Cry

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is a standalone virtual reality headset. Advertising pitch campaign for promoting the product.

Company: Jack Morton

Hayley Scanlan

Branding for Scottish born fashion designer Hayley Scanlan. Womenswear luxury brand focusing primarily on the quality and detail of the garment.

Photography: Ross Fraser McClean
Company: Ivan Lee Studio

Lego Classic – Discovery

Art direction for Lego to promote the classic brick. The concept here was to create a scene that had many situations happening in the image. The closer you looked the more the image would tell a story. Each asset was then extracted from the illustration and put into a style guide where other illustrations could be created.

Illustrator: Seif Alhasani
Company: The Gild

Grand Gourmet

A brand for Swedish food based company that specialises in luxury ingredients. An online platform for people in Sweden that has a love for food.

Company: Glock

Star of Bombay – Print ad

Print advert for the launch of Bombay Sapphire’s Star of Bombay.

Company: Hue & Cry

The Savoy – Cocktail Book

Limited edition of 100 copies cocktail book for The Savoy. Each year they promote a number of cocktails where the book has a different concept. This year was the concept to promote an era for each sections of the book.

Company: Hue&Cry

Twisted Stems

A florists based in Brookyln, New York. Designer and owner of the company Michael Engleman.

Company: Ivan Lee Studio


A book that is not consumer facing the brand guardians to understand the brand strategy of the consumers of Jägermeister.

Company: The Gild

Lego Classic – Deconstruction

Art direction for Lego to promote the classic brick. The concept here was to create illustrations to show the imagination of a child when they look at the bricks. Each asset was then extracted from the illustration and put into a style guide where other illustrations could be created.


Illustrator: Emil Paun
Company: The Gild

Bacardi LCC 2015

Bacardi LCC 2015 is a cocktail competition. This is the biggest event of the year for Bacardi where a contestant can become a brand ambassador. Life changing opportunity for the global winner.

Company: Hue&Cry

Lego Classic – Dreamscape

Promotion of the Lego mini figures. Each year Lego produces a new concept to promote a character. The concept this year was to create a mini figure called Peter and his his teddy bear. When he falls asleep he would dream about the era of the year / time that is shown on his Lego brick clock. The illustrations would show the era which then each asset would be extracted from the illustration and put into a style guide which would be given to the design studios to recreate a scenario to put onto merchandise.

Illustrator: Emil Paun
Company: The Gild

Rémy Martin – La Maison pop up members club

Event branding for the first ever pop up members club for Rémy Martin. The pop up members club was on for 12 days at 19 Greek St where different masterclasses was shown on different levels of the club.

Company: Hue&Cry

Rémy Martin – La Maison Print

Print collateral for the Rémy Martin pop up members only club.

Company: Hue&Cry


Hayley Scanlan’s sub brand created more towards the high street fashion sector that is more affordable for the everyday person.

Photography: Ross Fraser McClean

Bombay Sapphire

A creation of cocktail cards for an event at the Rosewood Hotel. The cocktail cards were given to guest who were invited to the event.

Company: Hue&Cry
  • Facebook DavosEvent / Branding / Print / Interactive

  • Claudi & FinBranding / Packaging / Illustration / Artworking

  • Bombay Sapphire – World’s Most Imaginative BartenderEvent / Branding / Print / Digital

  • Oculus GoAdvertising / Brand Strategy / Campaign

  • Hayley ScanlanBranding / Art direction / Print / Web

  • Lego Classic – DiscoveryArt direction / Print / Style guides / Merchandise

  • Grand GourmetBranding / Art direction / Print / Web

  • Star of Bombay – Print adTypography / Art Direction / Photography / Print

  • The Savoy – Cocktail BookPrint / Art direction

  • Twisted StemsBranding / Art direction / Print / Naming

  • JägermeisterPrint / Strategy

  • Lego Classic – DeconstructionArt direction / Style guides / Merchandise

  • Bacardi LCC 2015Branding / Print / Event / Digital

  • Lego Classic – DreamscapeArt direction / Style guides / Merchandise

  • Rémy Martin – La Maison pop up members clubEvent / Branding

  • Rémy Martin – La Maison PrintPrint / Branding

  • H.SBranding / Art direction / Print

  • Bombay SapphirePrint